Who is Farky?


Lara (“Farks”) is a RYT 200HR Graduate of Prana Yoga College

My name is Lara but my friends call me “Farks.”  I am a relatively normal human being that likes David Hasselhoff, puppies & cats, running, Jay-Z, being outside and yoga… lots of yoga.

You might think yoga is weird, too complicated, about twisting yourself into a pretzel  stuff only for people in Cirque du Soleil, the extremely flexible, and the athletic… but I promise you… If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.

I studied Classical Hatha Yoga at Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, BC under the guidance of Shakti Mhi and Pepe Danza learning how to safely guide the body through moving meditation and breathwork for long, blissful life.

I am intensive certified in Strala yoga under the guidance of Tara Stiles (yogini to Deepak Chopra) and Mike Taylor — cultivating a no nonsense approach to guiding my fellow peeps in moving with breath.

Recently, I completed my Yin Teacher certification at YYoga Toronto under the guidance of Ashley Holly and am excited to bring this practice of stillness, deep tissue and joint restoration to students.

My classes aren’t about lotus blossoms, pretensions, confusing analogies, or “performance yoga.”  My classes are about clear directions, learning to listen to your body, learning to breathe, learning how your emotions affect you and your body, being who you really are (on and off the mat), honoring the roots of the yoga practice and having a good time too.