proverbial risk taking balls.


Ummm… What am I doing?

“Do you have any great plans for the weekend?” my teacher asked me one day after a particularly challenging Anusara inspired flow class.

“I’m going to walk home, relax, and fall asleep after I cook some dinner”, I said. “What about yourself?”

She responded with a quirky smile and sipped some rooibos tea “I’m going to play with my son and do yoga all day.”

“That sounds like a great life,” I said. I was still reeling from a particularly messed up week in my job in the entertainment industry leaving me feeling like I didn’t have much of one. The daily grind had worn me down. My hip popped.

“You can join us you know,” she said.

Something flipped inside of me. I don’t think she realized it but her words challenged me and the innocent conversation suddenly became a “Truth or dare” game. I realized the truth, and took her up on the dare I’m not even sure she knew she made.

The truth being that I was real stuck. It had been about 4 years since I had taken a real risk accepting a challenging job in my dream field and living that dream for 3 and a half years but for the past 4 months I couldn’t see my next move. I couldn’t see how I was going to evolve anymore that what I was until that moment. I was so scared to move. I needed to take a drastic risk.

That little invitation she offered, the little dare to do something I had never considered before reverberated in my body like a tuning fork at a perfect A440. It wasn’t just her inviting me to a class it was life and the entire universe telling me under no uncertain terms that you will go insane doing the same thing and expecting a different result. You need to take a risk. It dared me. I heard it.

As a musician I was always trained to listen. Everyone always think that playing great is what makes a musician great but it’s total bullshit. The thing that really transcends a musician from a player is the ability to listen, take some space, pick your moment and take a risk.

I strapped on my proverbial risk taking balls.

A week later I applied for yoga school accepting the challenge.
4 days later I was accepted into school.
7 days later I quit my job giving 2 months notice of my departure.
A month later I gave notice to my building that I was moving out to relocate out east to where my long distance love and all my close friends are.

Now I have three days left of work and wondering where all the time went.

Sometimes i wonder if people wonder why i abandoned my career in the entertainment industry but in all actual fact i think my resignation only strengthens my love for my day job and my commitment to the process of alchemy. I do not strive for stagnation, I strive for transformation.

I want to transform basics into gold. I want to help people realize their own alchemic processes while I experience my own. Whether via Yoga, music, entrepreneurship – I want to bring a little bit of alchemic love to people.

You can join me here on this blog, you know. 🙂


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